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How to Beat the Instagram Reels Algorithm (Straight from the Horse’s Mouth)

Instagram recently updated the algorithm used to govern the Instagram Reels feature, and it’s designed entirely to prioritize original content.

Videos created outside of Instagram and repurposed, such as those made on TikTok, will now receive a lower priority than those made directly on Instagram. This means the rules have changed a bit in terms of best practices for getting noticed by more of the pet parents who are your ideal customers.

Want to know what Instagram has to say about it? Read on to find out more.

How Does this New Reels Algorithm Work?

The algorithms used by Instagram aren’t fully public knowledge, and most of what we’ve learned about them has been observed through research and experience. Luckily, this time we’ve gotten some specifics directly from the horse’s mouth.

In a post on Instagram’s @creators account, they shared some tips for the dos and don’ts of getting your content featured in the Reels tab.

Namely, Instagram will now penalize reels it considers to be low quality, including those that carry watermarks or logos from other platforms. For your content to be easy for your audience to discover, it can’t be low resolution, covered in text, or recycled from other platforms. This is Instagram’s attempt to prevent users from cross-posting videos from TikTok, presumably to encourage the use of Reels as a primary tool for content creation.

How to Make the Instagram Reels Algorithm Work for You

Luckily for us, Instagram has given us clear directions so we can tweak our strategies for maximum results.

When creating Reels, they should:

  • ​​Be fun and entertaining.
  • ​Be inspirational.
  • ​Use creative tools like text captions and camera effects.
  • ​Be vertical.
  • ​Use audio that is either original or from the Instagram library.
  • ​Be unique! Experiment with new ideas and be yourself.

Alternatively, you should avoid videos that:

  • ​​Are blurry or low resolution.
  • ​Are visibly reused from other platforms (specifically that carry logos or watermarks).
  • ​Have a border around them.
  • ​Have too much text.
  • ​Do not follow Instagram’s Community Guidelines.

These tips come directly from Instagram, so you can be confident that following them will increase your chances of reaching more pet parents and growing your audience.

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